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You Can Receive the Whole World: 

A Talk with Young People

Once you have a taste of the relation with this energy, you begin to see what is unnecessary and let it go.  Not to let the mind go here and there, now, out of respect for this energy, for attending to it.  It is your fundamental activity.

If the mind starts to think about this or that—not necessary now—let it go.  Out of respect for this energy, you come back.  You are attracted there.  In this work, first it is necessary to become balanced in all parts. Sensing the body... and the feelings join... and the mind.  Balanced for a moment, the force equally in all parts.  This is normal man.

And then, one can become conscious of one’s functions.  It is a training.  Our functions are our companions.  They need to be educated.  The mind is like a dog—always chewing on a bone—very short thoughts, one after the other.  But it can be trained, so that you can come back to this axis in you, this centeredness, so you can be.

And the feelings, too.  So there is a reaction.  I allow it to be but at the same time come back to this centeredness.  What is this reaction? Is it important?  And perhaps I see that it is nothing—fear of this or wishing for that.

But the primary thing is this relation with an energy, to become a channel for it.

There are two men in you. There is the one who when he is centered, when he is in relation to something, is totally different, can do  anything, is intense, alive, generous.  And then, at another moment, back in my usual state, with my resistance, thoughts, reactions.  The one who thinks he is in charge, controlling everything—fears this, wishes that, all my problems.  Can let him go for a moment. Relax him, too.  Leave him at the door.

We cannot change ourselves.  But when we are related to this energy inside us, it is a miracle.  The goodness of it pours through me and changes everything.

You have a wish in you, but you are not aware of it.  You have an energy in you, and when you are in relation with it, this axis of attention can stay longer, stay by itself even, because it is fed by every impression.

When this centeredness is there, you can receive the whole world.  There is a calm, a quietness.  A Look upon me, not from my ordinary self, but from That which sees objectively as it is.  We are never fooled; something always knows what we do.

When listening to others speak, maybe this one sounds pretentious, can unbalance you, but you listen as if you are in front of the unknown.

The more free the attention, the more you receive.

You can find that place in you that can let it be.

Let it be. This axis of energy accepts—acceptance is “energetical”—and does not wish anything to be different, accepts to be where I am.

Who am I?   We work to know who we are.

Without this axis, this centeredness, this relation— our birthright—there is incompleteness.

This incompleteness calls me.

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